Best Magic Kingdom Rides for a toddler!

Top Tips on Visiting Walt Disney World with a Baby

Best Rides at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom for a Toddler

Top Tips on Visiting Walt Disney World with a Baby

Some people worry that there’s nothing for their toddler to ride at Disney World, but you will probably struggle to do it all! I know I do!

Magic Kingdom is definitely the park with the most options for rides that toddlers can ride.

Here are all rides for a 2 year old at Magic Kingdom! I have put stars by my top favorites!

Fantasyland – This land was made for the little kids!

Peter Pan – Good Fast Pass Option – Always a long line! This is a short ride too.

*It’s a Small World – fast moving line

The Carousel – short wait


Mad Tea Party

Mickey’s Philharmagic

Journey of the Little Mermaid – Great Fast Pass Option for those littles that love Ariel!

Top Tips on Visiting Walt Disney World with a Baby

Adventureland –

*Jungle Cruise – good option for Fast Pass

*Enchanted Tiki Room – A great break in the air conditioning! Grab some dole whip too! They now let you bring it inside!

*Pirates of the Caribbean

Liberty Square

*Haunted Mansion


*Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin – Good fast pass option

*Astro Orbiter – Good Fast Pass Option

*Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress – a short wait and a relaxing time in Air conditioning

Tomorrowland Transit Authority – Short line and fun ride for a break

Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor

Tomorrowland’s Speedway – must be 32 inches (one of the shorter height restrictions)

*The railroad!- No, not big thunder, but the railroad around the park is so fun and can help you avoid extra walking.

Cinderella’s Castle is a great thing especially for little girls that love princesses!

Fireworks shows and Parades are also great entertainment. People often wait for hours to get the best spot. That is not worth it to me with a toddler, but you can put them on your shoulders for a better view for them!

Visiting Disney World with a Toddler

Visiting Walt Disney World with a Toddler!

After visiting Walt Disney World with a baby, we have now visited with a toddler, who just turned 2 years old. 

We have a couple of Disney trips planned with Leo as a toddler. We just came back from our first trip, and here are my top tips for visiting Walt Disney World with a 2 year old!

Schedule in Nap/Rest time

I debated trying to push through and just try and have my son sleep in the stroller, but rest is for us too! I love Disney World, but it is hot and full of people. I love laying in a clean air conditioned hotel room and maybe even taking a nap myself!

Disney World Fast Passes!

Toddlers do not have patience, and with nap times and snack times, our time in the park is valuable! If you are staying on Disney Property (or a Disney Neighbor hotel), then you can book these 60 days out. If you stay on property, you can book them 30 days out. You can still grab really great fast passes 30 days out, but the top couple of rides at each park might already be taken!

Disney World Buffets

Honestly, I hate buffets. But, I want my son to see all the characters. Character meals are a great way to do that without waiting in long lines and using up fast passes on character meets. We ate at Chef Mickey’s lunch buffet. This restaurant is on the monorail at the Contemporary Hotel. After lunch, we ubered back to the room for some rest before heading back out for more Magic Kingdom fun. Dining reservations can be made as early as 180 days out. Dining reservations are good to have as some places fill up early, but I still found some good reservations booking a few months out. It depends on when you are going and how busy the park will be too!
Avoid Park HoppersWe are always a family to stay on property and buy Park Hoppers, but with a toddler everything moves slower. This is the first trip we are staying off property and not getting a park hopper. This is how we able to fit in this weekend trip before a longer trip in 2020 by cutting back. 

Magic Kingdom is your best friend

I always love Magic Kingdom because it is so classically Disney World. IT HAS THE CASTLE! But, this is also the best park for toddlers. I love the other parks, especially Epcot. There’s not as much to do in Epcot for toddlers. I love Animal Kingdom too, but there’s a lot of walking in that park which can take a lot of time as well. One day, I definitely want to bring Leo to stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, a great place for a toddler that loves animals!

Take Advantage of Rider Swaps!

If you want to ride roller coasters, make sure to use Rider Swap options. When someone has to hang back and watch the child that can’t ride, you can use a rider swap card for two fast passes to ride after the person waits.

Disney Park Baby Changing Rooms

Even though Leo isn’t a baby anymore, I still use the baby rooms when we are nearby. They have diaper changing tables and air conditioning! This is a great escape for a clean changing or feeding place for the little ones.
Also, it is okay if there is something YOU want to do at Disney too. I rode some of my favorite rides the Leo isn’t old enough to ride yet!
These are my top tips for going to Disney with a Toddler!

Check out this blog on my favorite rides for a toddler.

The Absolute Best Travel Stroller!

Best Travel Stroller - GB Pockit

My son traveled through 6 countries and 5 states before he turned one year old, and this stroller was traveling with us for all of it!  The stroller was just released, and I purchased it right away. We had this trip coming up to Disney World, and I saw so many people recommending this lightweight travel stroller!  The stroller broke the Guinness book of world record for smallest lightest stroller!  If you have ever traveled with a baby, you know as much as you can lighten the load, the better!  It even fits under the airplane seat, making it a great stroller for air travel.

My favorite travel stroller EVER is called the GB Pockit!

Best Travel Stroller - GB Pockit

Best Travel Stroller at Walt Disney World

Here my son and husband are at Walt Disney World with the GB Pockit travel stroller waiting for the monorail.  The stroller was great for the big crowds at Walt Disney World!

I bought the black one off of Amazon.  I tend to buy black baby items as I am scared of stains showing up on colors, even though I like their colored options too.  I am planning to keep this stroller , and use it if we have another kid as well.   I even brought it when I was traveling on my own with my baby.  It is built to hold up to 55 pounds, so my son will get a lot of use out of this stroller! I really think this is the modern umbrella stroller that will actually last!

It folds up so easily. EVERY.SINGLE. TIME. we travel people comment on the stroller.  They ask us the name and where we bought it from.  A lot of times they call it a “transformer”, because it just folds up so quickly into a tiny square.  The airlines don’t even make us gate check this stroller under the plane after they see how small it folds up and we tell them it fits under the seat.

Here is quick video of folding and unfolding this travel stroller!

I will be recommending this stroller more frequently on here as well, but I just had to post as soon as possible.  You will love this stroller.  There is a small amount of storage in the bottom underneath the stroller.

Best Travel Stroller - Air Travel

This is my son asleep in the stroller in Las Vegas! He obviously has no issues sleeping in it, since he is sleeping in two of the images shared on this post!

If you are as excited about this stroller as I am, you can purchase it through my affiliate link here –  GB Pockit! You will not regret it! I have taken this thing on almost 30 flights including taking it through Europe, and it is still going strong! I’m obsessed.  It is probably the best item I have bought for Baby!

Best Travel Stroller for flights and airline travel

Best Travel Stroller