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Save Thousands on a trip to Disney World with Points and Miles

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Are you dreaming of a magical vacation to Walt Disney World but worried about the hefty price tag? As a savvy traveler, I understand the desire to make your Disney dreams come true without breaking the bank. That’s why I embarked on a mission to save thousands of dollars on our own Walt Disney World adventure using credit card points. And let me tell you, the results were truly enchanting!

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Flights: Soaring to Savings

When it came to booking our flights, I turned to Southwest Airlines and their incredible Rapid Rewards program. By strategically utilizing two companion passes and one lap child ticket, we were able to secure round-trip flights for our family of five using just 26,000 Southwest points. TOTAL. For all 5 of us!! The best part? We only paid $44.80 in taxes. Talk about a magical deal! In fact, with the current Southwest Personal Chase card offering a generous 75,000 points, you could book this flight deal three times or even afford it for a family of six. Now that’s what I call soaring to savings!

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Accommodations: Where Dreams Come True

Finding affordable accommodations in the heart of Walt Disney World can be a challenge, but with the right credit card strategy, it’s not impossible. We chose to stay at the luxurious Marriott Swan Reserve, an Autograph Collection Marriott hotel that offers all the benefits of an official Disney resort WALKING DISTANCE TO EPCOT. By leveraging the Marriott Bonvoy program, we were able to book four nights using a combination of free night certificates and points. We redeemed three free nights and used 21,000 points for the remaining night, totaling 95,000 points. The taxes and fees amounted to $175. This savvy move saved us a staggering $1,600. To achieve this, my husband signed up for the Marriott 5 50K free night offer, and we carefully searched for nights at the Swan Reserve that were under 65,000 points. Additionally, we were able to transfer up to 100,000 Marriott points between our accounts, so I could transfer my husband my points so her could top off our free nights and book the extra night. With a little planning and the right credit card strategy, you too can experience the magic of luxury accommodations at a fraction of the cost.

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Disney Tickets: Unlocking the Magic

No trip to Walt Disney World is complete without tickets to enter the parks. To score a great deal, I employed a quick stacking offer through Trip Advisor. By combining discounts from Target, Rakuten, and a Chase offer, we were able to purchase our Disney tickets at a significant discount. We spent $984, saving a whopping $376. This clever hack allowed us to unlock the magic of Disney while keeping our budget intact. This involved stacking coupons and was only available for as limited time.  You can also use a AAA discount or buy discounted gift cards and use those for the tickets. I saw this deal following Summer Hull (AKA Mommypoints on Instagram)

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Disney Gift Cards: A Magical Bonus

To further enhance our savings and cover expenses such as food and souvenirs in the park, we utilized discounted Disney gift cards. I purchased Sam’s Disney gift cards at a 10 percent discount, effectively reducing our out-of-pocket expenses. By using my Chase Freedom Flex card, which offers 5x points on select categories, we also earned valuable reward points on our gift card purchases. In total, we spent $360 on Disney gift cards, saving an additional $40. This simple strategy proved to be a magical bonus in our quest to save money on our Disney adventure.

Walt Disney World with a Toddler Family Photo Locations for Great Family Photos at Magic Kingdom

The Bottom Line: Magic and Savings Combined

While it’s true that a trip to Disney World can still result in significant expenses, these strategic adjustments allowed us to save thousands of dollars. In total, we spent $1,523, excluding our gift card expenses. However, our savings amounted to an impressive $3,136, taking into account our flights and hotel accommodations plus tickets and gift cards. It’s important to note that this doesn’t include additional expenses such as transportation, Lightning lanes, dining, and souvenirs. After all, Disney World is a place where magic and memories come to life, and it’s only natural to want to indulge in all it has to offer. However, by implementing these cost-saving strategies, we were able to stay at a luxury Disney hotel while keeping our budget intact.

Walt Disney World with a Toddler Family Photo Locations for Great Family Photos at Magic Kingdom

Conclusion: Unlocking the Magic of Disney World on a Budget

Planning a trip to Walt Disney World doesn’t have to be a financial burden. By harnessing the power of credit card points and strategic booking, you too can experience the magic of Disney without breaking the bank. From flights to accommodations and even park tickets, there are numerous opportunities to save money and unlock the enchantment of Disney World. With a little creativity, research, and the right credit card strategy, you can make your Disney dreams a reality while keeping your budget intact. So go ahead, embark on your own Disney adventure and create memories that will last a lifetime. After all, the magic of Disney is within reach, even on a budget.

Please note that credit card offers mentioned in this article may no longer be available. Be sure to consult the latest offers and terms before applying for any credit cards.

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