What to Feed your 6 Month Old - A complete plan

Best Guide to Feeding your 6 Month Old

What to Feed your 6 Month Old - A complete plan

I want to recommend an amazing program on feeding your child when they turn six months of age. First Foods + Beyond was created by a super smart Mama whose skillset is in reading through medical research. She has done all the research and put together a simple plan for a new mama for what to feed Baby day by day with recipes included. It is super easy to follow, and I would highly recommend Megan Garcia’s first foods program when trying to decide what to feed your child. This was a huge value to me. With a 6 month old baby, I barely had any time or energy to devote to researching what or how to feed my child. It was really important to me to start off my baby boy with the healthiest foods possible. I also wanted to properly introduce allergens. Megan Garcia gives you tips and specific brands on a calendar with when and what to feed your baby when they turn six months old.

What to Feed your 6 Month Old - A complete plan

These graphics are from Megan’s amazing website and blog with so much useful information. You can find that here.

I also love how she puts great information on her instagram stories and highlights.

Finally, here is another link to the First Foods + Beyond program.

Best Book Guide to a Natural Pregnancy

Best Natural Pregnancy Book

Best Book Guide to a Natural Pregnancy

A book I would recommend for pregnancy is the The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth, and I would recommend this book for all healthy tips during pregnancy. I love how the describe what is happening for baby each week and what you can do each week to help create the healthiest baby possible. I love natural solutions to problems, and this mama has provided a complete handbook full of information. I wish this book was out when I was pregnant. I followed this Mama Natural website and blog during my pregnancy, and I would have devoured this book when I was pregnant. I love it so much I bought it after I already had my baby. Genevieve Howland has put all the information you want to find into one handbook.

Best Book Guide to a Natural Pregnancy

Link to The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth

Link to Mama Natural Website

Perfect Health Diet - Best "Diet" book I've ever read!

Best Health Book I’ve ever read!

Perfect Health Diet - Best "Diet" book I've ever read!

The Perfect Health Diet by Paul Jaminet and Shou-Ching Jaminet is the best “diet” book I’ve ever read! I put “diet” in quotes because this is the only diet that I feel that I want to stick to and can continue doing in the long term.

This book is about eating tasty foods and not starving yourself by calorie counting. This diet makes total logical sense to me, and is backed by scientific research. This book is not well-known, and it’s very technical and takes a lot of attention to read through, but the Jaminets understand that not everyone is a medical science researcher. They give a summary of what the take aways are for every chapter. Even though some of the minutiae of the science was a little over my head, I think seeing information backed by science is exactly what I needed to see to change my own health decisions. The Jaminets have a website full of information that you can see without paying for the book, but reading the book really helped change my mentality. They descrive diet, food, and health without the perspective of only looking skinnier, instead describing health with a perspective of trying to live as long as possible at the highest quality health possible!

Perfect Health Diet - Best "Diet" book I've ever read!

Ultimately, that is what I want out of my own life. He states that making these changes can result in you losing weight or gaining muscle but the point of it all is to live a happier healthier longer life. Following this book’s recommendations, I lost 30 lb and just 3 months before getting pregnant with my son. I got pregnant very fast and easily with no fertility issues. I have been challenged to follow ALL the tips after he my son was born, but I am still striving to follow this diet and keeping the knowledge in mind when feeding my son his first foods.

Perfect Health Diet - Best "Diet" book I've ever read!

This perspective is the only diet that I found satisfying, and I don’t feel like I’m starving all the time. This book totally turned what I thought I knew about healthy eating on it’s head. I think many diets just encourage you to limit your calorie intake, overwork through exercise, and it can actually leave you with a nutrient deficient body and end up hurting your health!

Link to Perfect Health Diet Book on Amazon

Link to the Jaminets Website which also contains a wealth of good information

Fertility, Pregnancy, and postpartum course - Baby Making and Beyond by Liz Wolfe and Meg the Midwife

Best Fertility, Pregnancy, Postpartum Program Course

Feritlity, Pregnancy, and postpartum course - Baby Making and Beyond by Liz Wolfe and Meg the Midwife


I want to share a few posts on some of my favorite resources for motherhood and fertility. I want to start with a course / program designed to help Mamas get pregnant in the healthiest natural way possible. I know a lot of women struggle with fertility, and I think this would be a good place to start for any women thinking about or trying to get pregnant, and want to be as healthy as possible. This program has simplified the tips to help Moms do the best they can for their little ones starting before birth and continuing on after the babies are born.

Natural Fertility , Pregancy, Birth Postpartum class and course program information by Liz Wolfe and Meg the Midwife

This is a brand new program that has been in the works for over four years. The program was created primarily by Liz Wolfe and Meg the Midwife (but has other top notch contributors and medical researchers as well). The best part about this program is that Liz and Meg continue to update the program with more information as they more and more information is released. If you buy the program, you continue to receive these updates as they improve and add information to the program.

Baby Making and Beyond Website

Half Marathon at Walt Disney World

Honest Review: Running in the Walt Disney World Food & Wine Half Marathon

Half Marathon at Walt Disney World

My husband and I ran in the Food & Wine Disney Half Marathon, and I here’s what I {HONESTLY} thought about it.  I love Disney, and I have always wanted to run in a Disney Half Marathon Race.  I really wanted to run in the Disney Princess half marathon, but with my husband running with me I thought the Food & Wine Race would be better.  I just googled and found out that men are allowed to run in the Disney Princess Half Marathon, as well. SO, that is a future option for me! I always just thought it was for Women since that is 90 percent of the participants.

This Disney’s Food & Wine Half Marathon was my fourth half marathon.  I am not a fast (or good?) runner, but I enjoy having a training schedule and race to keep me motivated to exercise. I have ran twice in Portland, Oregon and once in College Station, TX.  I am sorry to say that this was my least favorite race I have run so far.  Maybe, it was because at Disney they don’t have all the locals standing along the race with homemade signs cheering you on.

Here were some of my issues. I wanted to love this race; I really did.  Maybe my expectations were set too high!

1.Most of the race is on backlots and freeways

I was looking forward to running through the Disney theme parks when no one was there.  We ran through Animal Kingdom, but it felt like just a very small amount of time.  That was definitely my favorite part of the race!  The race finished in Epcot, but we really just ran through the entrance and guests were starting to enter the park, and by that point I was just ready to finish the race!  Running on freeways and concrete had some inclines and was very hot at times.  Disney sets up places to take pictures with characters and had music playing but it felt very spread out between the entertainment set-ups.  I need distractions when I am running 13.1 miles! I also don’t really like to stop and wait in a line for a character photo during a race.  Once I start running, I am scared to stop!

Half Marathon at Walt Disney World


2. The race area was too small.

I felt like the lanes to run did not accommodate the number of runners well.  I spent too much energy zigging and zagging between people or trying not to bump people.  I don’t like the idea of bumping into runners as I don’t want myself or someone else to be injured, and I felt like it was easy to bump into other runners during the race.  I thought further into the race there would be more space, but I still thought it was too tight at the halfway point.

Half Marathon at Walt Disney World

3. The Race took over the weekend

We just came to run the Race for a long weekend, so when we arrived we had to rush to the Disney Wide World of Sports to pick-up our Half Marathon Race Passes, then we had to make it to our dining reservation to make sure we had a good pre-race meal.  We wanted to get to bed early as the shuttle pick-up was around 4AM before the Race.  Once we were dropped off, we sat around for almost 2 hours before we actually ran.  Then, after the Race we had to walk slowly and take a nap in the room to recover a little from the early race morning.  It just felt like so much of our Disney Weekend revolved around Race Prep.


I had really built up running a Half-Marathon at Disney World, but I felt a little disappointed after this Food & Wine one.  I could still see trying out the Princess Half Marathon in the future, but I could see myself running into similar issues.  I think if I did it again, I might not worry as much about the meal the night before and take an Uber to the race location in the morning and maybe tag on some extra days at the park.

Half Marathon at Walt Disney World

Welcome | Family, Food, and Finance for the Modern Woman

Our Long Life Blogger

Hello there!  I I traveled through 6 countries and five states with my son before he turned one years old. We try to live a fun, intentional life and want to share our tips along the way.  I am coming up on a decade of running my own business, and now do it while having a husband and son.  Ever since having kids, I have found advice from others online that has been so helpful to me.   I am always learning, and I am often deep diving into books and the internet to find what I want to know.  I am hoping my perspective as a down-to-earth nerd can help others live their own long happy life.

In the early stages of this blog, I plan to write about everything in my life and just see what people respond to and want to hear more about and go from there.

The name of this blog is Our Long Life, because we are the Long Family, and my goal is to optimize our life into an intentional happy Long Life.  I am a Mom, wife, dog-Mom, Feminist, Entrepreneur, and much more!


Here are a few of my passions that you might see come up in this blog!

TRAVEL (Disney World especially!)

EATING (Maybe some cooking)

HEALTH (Paleo-ish style diets)

ENTREPRENEURSHIP (Female Small-Business Owners)