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CORONAVIRUS: Treatments for Toddlers

Coronavirus Plan for My Family

We are staying home every day. We try to get outside as much as we can for mental health. 


We will start by doing everything in our power not to get the sickness by staying home and only going out for groceries. 

I am also using this time to make my health a priority, going for runs and decreasing sugars and carbohydrates in my diet. 

Wash Hands

We will wash our hands after all outings and before eating.

Avoid Large Crowds

We are not traveling or going on outings where there are more people. 


I was sanitizing as much as I can in public spaces and our hands after going anywhere. My toddler touches everything and often his hands somehow end up in his mouth. I’m a big fan of the EO Sanitizer Brand.

Play Outside

With the sickness being spread by people, I wouldn’t want to just lock up in the house. It is springtime, and I would want to play outside more. Maybe the sun can help kill any germs!

Running (Again)

Since this virus hits lungs so hard. I am trying to do more aerobic exercise like running to strengthen my lungs. 


I highly recommend Elisa Song’s article on treatments for COVID 19/ Coronavirus with real foods targeted at children. 

Natural boost your child, family, or toddler's immunity during flu season

Natural Treatments

I do all the typical treatments I usually do for illness, but I have also seen advice to increase your Vitamin A and Vitamin D, like your greens. Drink warm water with Lemon. Eat fresh garlic.

We would treat the Coronavirus much like we would a flu. We would treat it like we would the flu at home. If the sickness escalated, we would go to the doctor or hospital. I would want to avoid being confined in the hospital. I would rather be sick or my child be sick in the comfort of their home giving all the homemade goodness I can, such as:


We like to eat Grassfed beef, garlic, spinach, and eggs to get our zinc. Pumpkin Seeds and cashews are a great source that we should pick up. 


To eat our Quercetin, we like red apples (with skin), red grapes, cherries, spinach, and kale.


These are all those green veggies again (kale, broccoli, mustard greens, bok choy), and also mushrooms and garlic. 

Vitamin D

You can get Vitamin D from sunlight! From food, you can eat salmon, mushrooms, and garlic. 

Vitamin A

We enjoy eating carrots, eggs, and sweet potatoes for our Vitamin A.


We enjoy yogurt, and try to by plain or with less sugar. You can also have kim chi, sauerkraut, fermented pickles, and Raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar.

Omega 3 

This is known in foods like salmon, but can also be found in seaweed, walnuts, and chia seeds. We need to do a better job with this one. My son actually loves seaweed snacks.

Natural boost your child, family, or toddler's immunity during flu season

Elderberry Syrup

This is a great preventative to take when germs are around to keep immunities strong. I like the syrup more than the gummies.

Natural boost your child, family, or toddler's immunity during flu season

Chicken Soup

Good old Fashioned Chicken Soup, but I love to add fresh ginger, tumeric, garlic, onion, carrots, and serve with rice. Even though my toddler doesn’t want to eat the vegetables, he loves to drink the broth. Add in some high quality bone broth along with your chicken bone broth. Just add a cup or so of bone broth, not too much or it won’t taste as good.

Natural boost your child, family, or toddler's immunity during flu season


My son takes a Gummy Multi Vitamin and a Gummy Vitamin C. I take the Garden of Life Prenatal and also Vitamin D-3.

Natural boost your child, family, or toddler's immunity during flu season

Orange Juice

We splurge on fresh squeezed orange juice for all that Vitamin C!


The biggest concern I have is not wanting to spread the virus to others, especially my son’s grandparents. He sees them often and they are all over 50 and 60 and 70 years old! They are all healthy, but that is a group at greater risk, so I would never want to give it to them. It is a tricky sickness, because you can spread it without knowing you have it!

This sickness should be taken very seriously, but it is important we don’t panic. If you are “freaking out,” remember that our governments and corporations are spending a lot of time deciding how to minimize the spread and putting money towards solutions. For many people, the symptoms are no more than a cold. It is important that we do everything we can to reduce the spread to vulnerable people.

How our Family plans to prevent and treat Corona virus if it becomes widespread in the United States.  How we would treat a toddler for Coronavirus.

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