Best Women's Work shoes to look professional

Best Women’s Work Shoes for Wide Feet!

These shoes are expensive, but I have wide feet and work on my feet all day photographing Weddings. I need shoes that look appropriate and formal and don’t give me blisters. These have been amazing and I recommend them to everyone! They are the only pair of work shoes I own!

ROTHY’S – The Best Women’s Work Shoes!

I wish I could afford every color, but black goes with everything!

I do NOT get any commission off of this post. I am just trying to help my fellow women avoid those throbbing feet! I have been there done that, and am so happy I gave these shoes a shot!

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Hello there!  I I traveled through 6 countries and five states with my son before he turned one years old. We try to live a fun, intentional life and want to share our tips along the way.  I am coming up on a decade of running my own business, and now do it while having a husband and son.  Ever since having kids, I have found advice from others online that has been so helpful to me.   I am always learning, and I am often deep diving into books and the internet to find what I want to know.  I am hoping my perspective as a down-to-earth nerd can help others live their own long happy life.

In the early stages of this blog, I plan to write about everything in my life and just see what people respond to and want to hear more about and go from there.

The name of this blog is Our Long Life, because we are the Long Family, and my goal is to optimize our life into an intentional happy Long Life.  I am a Mom, wife, dog-Mom, Feminist, Entrepreneur, and much more!


Here are a few of my passions that you might see come up in this blog!

TRAVEL (Disney World especially!)

EATING (Maybe some cooking)

HEALTH (Paleo-ish style diets)

ENTREPRENEURSHIP (Female Small-Business Owners)