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Best Health Book I’ve ever read!

Perfect Health Diet - Best "Diet" book I've ever read!

The Perfect Health Diet by Paul Jaminet and Shou-Ching Jaminet is the best “diet” book I’ve ever read! I put “diet” in quotes because this is the only diet that I feel that I want to stick to and can continue doing in the long term.

This book is about eating tasty foods and not starving yourself by calorie counting. This diet makes total logical sense to me, and is backed by scientific research. This book is not well-known, and it’s very technical and takes a lot of attention to read through, but the Jaminets understand that not everyone is a medical science researcher. They give a summary of what the take aways are for every chapter. Even though some of the minutiae of the science was a little over my head, I think seeing information backed by science is exactly what I needed to see to change my own health decisions. The Jaminets have a website full of information that you can see without paying for the book, but reading the book really helped change my mentality. They descrive diet, food, and health without the perspective of only looking skinnier, instead describing health with a perspective of trying to live as long as possible at the highest quality health possible!

Perfect Health Diet - Best "Diet" book I've ever read!

Ultimately, that is what I want out of my own life. He states that making these changes can result in you losing weight or gaining muscle but the point of it all is to live a happier healthier longer life. Following this book’s recommendations, I lost 30 lb and just 3 months before getting pregnant with my son. I got pregnant very fast and easily with no fertility issues. I have been challenged to follow ALL the tips after he my son was born, but I am still striving to follow this diet and keeping the knowledge in mind when feeding my son his first foods.

Perfect Health Diet - Best "Diet" book I've ever read!

This perspective is the only diet that I found satisfying, and I don’t feel like I’m starving all the time. This book totally turned what I thought I knew about healthy eating on it’s head. I think many diets just encourage you to limit your calorie intake, overwork through exercise, and it can actually leave you with a nutrient deficient body and end up hurting your health!

Link to Perfect Health Diet Book on Amazon

Link to the Jaminets Website which also contains a wealth of good information

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