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Free $100 Credit on Stitch Fix

*This offer was $100 when I first signed up.  It has now gone down to $25.  I have gotten a lot of value out of stitch fix though!

I received $100 Credit from someone for Stitch Fix, so I decided to try it out. I really enjoyed the process and I will get a couple free items of clothing out of it. I plan to stop after the next box.  After my first order, they gave me $100 Credit to give out too! 

Free $100 on Stitch Fix

Click on the link above for a free $100 credit to try Stitch Fix!

The clothing is more expensive than I would by $48 for pants and $28 for top, the items I am keeping from this box, but I am happy to get them with my $100 credit!

I think it might be limited to how many people can sign up, but it is not a scam. I think you have to be a first time user to stitch fix!


UPDATE: The offer was lowered to $25, but here’s a link for $50 for Stitch Fix kids. 



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